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Well I’ve turned my heating off, put away my winter wardrobe and dusted off my flip-flops in readiness
for the onset of the warmer months, so all that’s left to do now is make sure my home is as bright and summery as the present season.

When the sun is shining outside, your thoughts don’t normally turn to rugs, but they are a fantastic way of bringing a taste of summer into the home. Just take a look at some of the fabulous examples we have here at and you’ll see what I mean.
Rugs are a fabulous way of freshening up the home without having to shell out too much money and, to be honest, there aren’t that many rules to follow.
Whether you opt for a traditional or contemporary design, 100% wool or man-made fibre, bright vivid colours or soft neutral tones, they’ll all look magnificent in the home when the sun is pouring through the windows.
The only thing you need to remember is that summer rugs should reflect the glorious weather outside, so keep them light and fresh.
Contrary to popular belief, a rug isn’t just for indoor use. We have a fabulous range of rugs that are suitable for outside areas too such as a patio or terrace so you can enjoy al fresco dining in style.
They are hardwearing, practical and, most importantly, stunning. Of course, as they are so resilient, they are also ideal for the kitchen.
I love this eye-catching rug.
It’s perfect for outdoors and is a real snip with prices starting at just £25!
I adore Kersaint Cobb carpets so am delighted that they also have a wide range of rugs, perfect for brightening up the home in the summer months. Here are a few of my favourites.

Although black and white rugs might not be the obvious choice for summer, they can look amazingly airy in the right setting. These high quality 100% wool rugs are contemporary yet elegant so add a touch of sophistication wherever you choose to have them in the house.
Keeping along the monochrome theme, the luxurious texture of these divine rugs feels glorious underfoot and the subtle stripe adds a touch of interest to a room.
Funky patterns look beautifully cool on a hot summer’s day and are equally wonderful in a modern or traditional setting. Although paler colours do lighten up a room, don’t be tempted to avoid darker shades altogether.
Richer, striking tones, especially in warmer hues, can give a real sense of comfort no matter what the season.
These wool rich rugs have a swirl of textured dark-to-light squares and come in a range of stunning colours.
If you feel like having a bit of fun with your rugs then why not go for something like a spotty pattern? This doesn’t mean you have to go for bright colours or a bold print that will take over the room.
There are plenty of subtle designs to choose from that just bring a certain je ne sais quoi to the home.
Kersaint Cobb also has an absolutely spectacular range of runners that are perfect for adding a splash of colour to the core of the home. All the designs have been influenced by the vibrant colours of North Africa, which are currently in vogue, and have been lovingly hand crafted in India.

As they are made from 100% sisal they are extremely hardwearing so are perfect for the stairs and hallway.
Go bright and bold with a multi-striped option or keep it cool and refined with just a hint of a stripe on the borders. Both have the added bonus of elongating the area.
When it comes to colours, nothing reminds you of summer more than yellows and greens.
A glorious green rug looks lovely as it catches the light
on a bright day and is ideal
for bringing some summer sunshine into the home.
I adore this luscious green rug and think it is perfect for almost any room in the house.
There is plenty of room for the traditional rug
still this season.
Classic designs can be
refreshing and are a great
way of dressing wooden or laminate floors that
can look a bit stark if
left bare. Don’t forget
to accessorize with
brighter, yet still toning, lampshades, candles
and cushions.
This way you can change
the look of a room
dramatically without spending much money - in fact, it is so cheap to do that you can change your accessories every season!
Geometric designs are fabulous for giving a room a light and bright feel as they create an impression
of space – especially when they contain
contrasting shades.
They are so versatile
too – as they look great
in a modern setting,
but don’t look out of
place in a traditional
home either.