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What a year! 2008 has been a trend-setting year for the flooring industry. Carpet has hit the trend agenda with a bang!
Consumers have started to furnish their floors with colours, stripes and patterns – and although beige will always be popular, we’ve seen a definite trend with bolder, brighter colours. Floors are now a major consideration when redecorating a room, instead of being a last-minute thought, and I for one am thrilled.

Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year and I’ll be back in January with more trend-setting information.
So, what do we have in store for December? It’s so tempting at this time of year to fit carpet everywhere, just to feel the touch of something warm underneath your toes. However, we shouldn’t forget the simplicity and striking detail of wood or laminate, particularly during the festive period when our homes are busier than usual.
In recent years laminates have developed beyond belief – the trend for all things laminate has forced manufacturers to invest in the quality and to reflect the true-to-style wood effects. A few years ago the choice would have been limited and now, on alone we have over 100 laminates to choose from.

With Christmas just around the corner not all of our budgets can stretch to the luxury of real wood, however nice it is. A good alternative is laminate. The varied plank lengths and widths with V like grooves ensure even the most accurate eye wouldn’t spot the difference between wood and laminate.

The brands available on yourfloors offer a selection of wood coloured effects from oak, beech, pine, maple, walnut or cherry so a top tip is to know what colour you’re searching for.

The easy-to-clean benefits of laminate are perfect for dinnertime spills and cooking splashes – making laminate a hot favourite in dining rooms and kitchens. Try to avoid laminate in bathrooms, the steam and constant heat can cause the floor to expand and bubble.
Now, if you’re one of the lucky ones and your budget does stretch to a real-wood floor, be prepared to be amazed by the gorgeous natural floors that are now on offer. Wood floors are a great choice for eco-loving consumers and wood flooring just gets better with age (if looked after correctly).
Two wooden choices are available; a solid wood floor full of grained and natural knotty details you can’t help but fall in love with. This floor is solid, natural wood all the way through, the finest money can buy. In a solid oak, wood flooring can look simply amazing.

Be prepared to sand and wax solid wood floors every few years to ensure you keep the wood looking its best.
Engineered wood is just as beautiful but as the name suggests – it’s engineered.
So, the factory-finished wood on the surface has been manufactured to last with little tender loving care. Engineered wood continues to be popular because of its strength of stability. And because it’s engineered the shades vary from oak to beech to cherry or maple.
Traditional wood finishes like oak and beech are by far the most popular choice and will continue to be a trend throughout 2009. I just love the oak laminates, they add such a traditional or contemporary twist to any home.
However, if you’re hot on the heels of the latest trend you might be looking for something a little different. We’re seeing a definite trend for dark woods that can look striking against lots of natural day light.
And, in contrast to that consumers are buying into lighter coloured floors - white and grey hues are making an appearance on the 2009 trend scales.