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We are currently rolling out the option to purchase your fitting and accessories online to provide a one stop shop for all your flooring requirements.
As this is a new service not all the retailers will have their prices live and therefore this service will only be available at participating retailers.
By offering a one stop shop you can order your flooring, underlay, any additional accessories and purchase fitting online all in one simple transaction, it couldn’t be easier! Alternatively if you feel more comfortable just receiving a quote for the fitting and accessories you can print this information and discuss it with the retailer when they contact you to arrange delivery.
To find out if your chosen retailer is offering these services please go to the fitting and accessories page on their website.
If you’re retailer isn’t currently offering this service online you can still arrange any fitting and accessories you require with them as follows.
Once you’ve selected your flooring and chosen your local flooring retailer and placed an order you will receive an email confirming your order. The local retailer will then be in touch within 24 – 48 hours to arrange delivery and discuss any fitting or accessory requirements such as underlay, door bars or gripper depending on what product you have ordered.
Alternatively should you wish to discuss fitting and accessories with your chosen retailer prior to purchase please feel free to call them while you’re browsing online. Simply click on the contact us button below the helpline number in the top right hand corner of every page to find their telephone number.

Fitting Hall, Stairs and Landing
Due to the complexity of fitting hall, stairs and landing we don’t recommend purchasing this online. Please contact us (the retailer) to carry out an onsite measure and quote.

Your local flooring retailer can arrange the following services:
  • Fitting of the flooring
  • Underlay for all flooring types
  • Door bars
  • Gripper
  • General accessories for all types of flooring
Select a Local Flooring Retailer
Buy Flooring Online
1. Search and Select Flooring online.
2. Select a Local Flooring Retailer.
3. Buy flooring online from your selected Local Flooring Retailer.
4. Local Flooring Retailer will be in touch to arrange delivery and any fitting or accessory requirements.

View our 4 Step Guide in more detail.